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Reporting Instructions

You can view your Jury Duty Status and Reporting  Instructions online here.


Juror Information

Before reporting for jury duty, you can fill out your Summons Form or submit your Qualification Questionnaire online here.


What is Federal Court Jury Duty?

Find out more about the National eJuror Program, and what it means to be summoned for federal jury service.



Answers to common questions like directions and parking, getting paid for service, and postponing jury service can be answered here.

Information Regarding Jury Scam


Recurring jury scams frequently attempt to gain access to personal information.
For more information please use this link.

Courthouse Location and Parking Map for Jurors Reporting for Service

(Jurors park for FREE please bring ticket for validation by jury staff) 



U.S​. District Court

Jury Assembly Room

333 West Broadway

Suite 210

San Diego, CA  92101

James M. Carter and Judith N. Keep United States Courthouse San Diego Downtown Map

Jury Selection Process


The United States District Court, Southern District of California, draws names of prospective jurors from the list of registered voters, provided by the California Secretary of State, in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Names are selected at random using an automated jury management program.

This notice is provided pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1864.

Jury Location

U.S​. District Court

Jury Assembly Room

333 West Broadway

Suite 210

San Diego, CA  92101


Recorded messages advising updated call-back instructions, updated reporting instructions, status of your jury service, and other helpful information are available 24 hours a day at:


Or you may check your jury duty status via the internet here:

Check Jury Duty Status