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Frequently Asked Questions






 How can I obtain directions and parking information?
 What about public transportation?
 What if I live more than 80 miles away, one way?
 Are juror attendance fees considered reportable income?
 Are there restrictions regarding what can be brought into the courthouse?
 May I bring my cell phone and/or laptop to the courthouse?
 What should I wear?
 What amenities are available to me at the courthouse?
 What is the federal court's juror source list?
 What is the difference between the US District Court and Superior Court?
 How was my name selected to receive a summons?
 What is the penalty for not responding to a summons?
 What protects my employment while serving jury duty?
 Can I transfer my service to another court?
 What is the difference between a qualification questionnaire and a summons?

Grand Jury

 What is grand jury service?
 How will I receive further instructions?
 What is the term of service?
 How and when will I be paid?
 What time should I report for orientation?
 How can I postpone jury service or request a temporary absence?
 What if I have a serious hardship or extreme inconvenience?

Petit Jury

 What is the term of service?
 How will I know when to report?
 What time should I report, if instructed to do so?
 How and when will I be paid?
 How can I postpone jury service?
 How can I request a temporary absence?
 What if I have a serious hardship?


While the information presented above is accurate as of the date of publication, it should not be cited or relied upon as legal authority. It does not take the place of the Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal or Appellate Procedure or the Local Rules of this court. It does not relieve litigants of the responsibility of complying with the court's Local Rules or Federal Rules of Procedure, or any other obligation imposed by the law.

It is highly recommended that legal advice be obtained from a attorney. For filing requirements, please refer to the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, as well as the Local Rules for the United States Court for the Southern District of California.