Court Info FAQ





Bail/Bond Posting

 Can I write a personal check to post bail?
 What are the requirements for posting a corporate surety bond?
 Where may I post a cash bail?

Cashier's Window

 Can I make payment to the court with a credit card?
 How do I get my property back from the court?
 What are the hours for the cashier's window?
 Where can I obtain a fee schedule?
 Where can I obtain the U.S. Treasury (T-Bill) rate?
 Where do I go to check the balance of my fine, restitution, or penalty assessment?
 Where do I pay my court ordered fines, restitution and penalty assessments?
 Where do I pay my traffic fines or check on my traffic court date?
 Where is the Cashier's Window located?

Clerk's Office

 How can I learn more about issues applicable to attorneys, including Criminal Justice Act (CJA) issues?
 What are your hours?
 What is your address?
 What should I do if I need assistance in court due to a communications disability?


 Are there certification exams for languages other than Spanish?
 Do I need a specific degree in order to be a federal court interpreter?
 How can I become certified as a court interpreter?
 How can I obtain an application for the exam?
 How often is the exam given?
 Is there a fee for the exam?
 What career opportunities are available to a certified interpreter?
 What skills are needed to become an interpreter in the federal courts?


 How long does it take to receive payment after goods or services are provided?
 What do you mean by inside delivery?
 Does the U.S. District Court have a tax exempt certificate number on file?
 Who do I call when I have not received payment within a reasonable amount of time?
 What information will I need to trace a payment?
 What happens if a check has been issued but not received within a reasonable amount of time?
 How do I avoid having to request a stop payment on a check?
 What criteria does the U.S. District Court use to award solicitations?
 What sort of goods and services does the U.S. District Court require?



While the information presented above is accurate as of the date of publication, it should not be cited or relied upon as legal authority. It does not take the place of the Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal or Appellate Procedure or the Local Rules of this court. It does not relieve litigants of the responsibility of complying with the court's Local Rules or Federal Rules of Procedure, or any other obligation imposed by the law.

It is highly recommended that legal advice be obtained from a attorney. For filing requirements, please refer to the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, as well as the Local Rules for the United States Court for the Southern District of California.