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ecf_help_line.gifFile Sealed Documents in Civil Cases Electronically in CM/ECF - Beginning August 1, 2011, attorneys must electronically file any Motion to File

Documents Under Seal in Civil cases and electronically lodge sealed proposed documents in CM/ECF. Click here to access a step-by-step demonstration and simple instructions for e-filing sealed documents in civil cases.

File New Civil Cases Electronically in CM/ECF - Beginning October 12, 2010, attorneys must electronically file new civil cases in CM/ECF. Click here to access a short step-by-step demonstration and instructions for filing a new civil case and using Pay.gov to pay filing fees with a credit card.

The CM/ECF system will be down for maintenance from 4:30 - 5:00 am PDT, every Wednesday.

All Attorneys are required to register online and confirm their information to receive access to the CM/ECF System.


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What hardware and software will attorneys need to participate in CM/ECF?

  • Computer running Windows or Macintosh
  • Software to convert documents from a word processor format to portable document format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer, as well as certain word processing programs can perform this function. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 and higher meet the CM/ECF filing requirements. For viewing documents, not authoring them, only Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher is needed.
  • PDF compatible word processor like WordPerfect or Word
  • Internet access supporting a transfer rate of 56kb or higher
  • CM/ECF Version 6.1 has been tested and works correctly with Firefox 15.x, Internet Explorer 9.x, and Safari 5.1/6.x.
  • Scanner to image non-computerized documents 400 pixels per inch (ppi).
  • PACER account


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