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 Can I file an appeal even if it is late?
 Do I have to designate what part of the record I want sent to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?
 Do I send the filing fee to the U. S. District Court or the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?
 How do I serve the transcript designation and ordering form on the court reporter?
 How many copies of the appeal do I file?
 How will I get the scheduling order in my appeal?
 What is the address for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?
 What is the fee for filing a notice of appeal?
 Where do I file my brief?
 Where do I file the Representation Statement?

Attorney Admission

 Do I have to file a Pro Hac Vice application and pay the admission fee if I am an attorney for a federal agency in another district?
 Do I need a certificate of good standing to be admitted to the court?
 How can I get an application for admission to practice?
 How often are attorney admissions ceremonies held?


 Are CJA attorneys exempt from PACER fees?
 What fees are allowable in federal capital prosecutions and HC death penalty cases?
 When do I submit my CJA voucher for payment?
 Where do I pick up a copy of the CJA Panel Application?
 Where may I obtain CJA voucher status or payment rates?

General Procedures

 How can I contact a reporter that has left the office or retired?
 How do I continue, set or reset a hearing?
 How do I file an attorney substitution?
 How do I obtain a copy of the current Local Rules?
 I'm going to be late for a court appearance. What should I do?
 I have a conflict? How do I get off the case?
 What is the jurisdiction or geographical area covered by the SDC Court?
 When will someone recently arrested go to court for a first appearance?
 Where are the defendants being held?


 Can an individual in a foreign country be served with process by international mail?
 Do I need a civil cover sheet when filing a civil complaint?
 Do you accept electronic filings?
 Do you require blue backs?
 How many copies do I need to file "x" document?
 If I put a document in the drop box, what file stamp date will it receive?
 Is it possible to serve a complaint without a summons? If so, what are the benefits?
 Is there a fee to file an answer in a civil case?
 What is the fee to file a new civil complaint?


 How can I verify a sentence imposed in a criminal case?
 I have a case number. How can I determine which judge is assigned?
 I submitted a proposed order for signature. Is it signed yet?
 What date was a hearing on?
 Where can I obtain copies of district court cases?
 Where can I obtain the U. S. Treasury (T-Bill) rate?
 Who was the court reporter or electronic court recorder present at a particular hearing?