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 Juror Information Available Prior to Trial

Juror Cards

These cards are in the court library, and contain information concerning the jurors’ employment, their spouses’ employment, how long they have lived in the area, their place of birth, etc. Jurors’ names, phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers are redacted.


Trial Lists

Effective April 3, 2000, these may be picked up from the jury office approximately 15 minutes before trial. There is a wall-mounted box just outside the jury office door labeled “CJA Attorneys”. If the list is not yet in the box when you arrive, you are welcome to wait in the lobby. Please do not wait in the jury lounge itself with the jurors. Since the mornings we process jurors for court is a stressful time for the jury office, we request that you do not contact the jury staff with questions about the jury cards or trial lists.