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Admission and Registration


Any attorney licensed to practice by the State of California, who is active and in good standing, is eligible for admission to practice in the Southern District of California.  The admission process is completed by submitting an electronic application for admission and paying the prescribed fee of $206.  Counsel will receive an email during the application containing a link to (payment website).  The Clerk's Office will independently confirm your standing with the California State Bar.  There is no need to mail a certificate of good standing to this court.

A Certificate of Admission will be mailed to you once your application has been approved.  Applicants can check their admission status by logging into the Admission System.  Once your application has been approved, your admission to practice in the Southern District of California is permanent.

Government attorneys are not required to pay the fee of $206 and are no longer required to fill out a Pro Hac Vice form.  However, it is still required that government attorneys complete the CM/ECF registration process.

Attorneys appearing in Multi-District Litigation cases in the Southern District of California should refer to requirements for admission set by the District Judge hearing the specific case.  The procedures for appearing may vary.


Admission & CM/ECF Registration System