Attorney Admission

Admission to the Bar of this Court.
 Admission to and continuing membership in the bar of this court is limited to attorneys of good moral character who are active members in good standing of the State Bar of California.

Procedure for Admission. The admission process is completed by submitting an electronic application for admission and paying the prescribed fee of $206. Counsel will receive an email during the application process containing a link to (payment website). The Clerk's Office will independently confirm your standing with the California State Bar. There is no need to mail a certificate of good standing to this court.

Upon admission approval, a Certificate of Admission will be mailed to you within 4-5 weeks, and your admission to practice in the Southern District of California is permanent.
Current members and applicants can request information re admission dates/status via email (
To update or reset your CM/ECF password, please email (
Please see Attorney Admission FAQs for additional information.

Petition for Admission


Government Attorney


Pro Hac Vice


Notice of Change of Address


Admission Fee - $206,

General Order 301-H


Applicable Local Rules -

Civil Rule 83.3 and 83.4